Cleaning Chemicals

SDL700 Handy Multi-Surface Cleaner

Fluorescent yellow coloured liquid, ready to use. A highly efficient cleaner for use on all surfaces such as vinyl, formica, plastic, melamine.


SDL702 Handy Glass/Window Cleaner

6 x 750ml. A blue coloured liquid in a ready to use spray. A highly efficient cleaner for use on windows, mirrors and glass topped furniture. Leaves surfaces with a sparkling clean and streak free finish.


SDL811 Unperfumed Washing Up Liquid

4 x 5 litre. A green viscous liquid, 10% active ingredients. High strength and foaming action. Cuts through grease. Free rinsing, long lasting foaming action.SDL841 S/Steel


SDL841 S/Steel Toilet Cleaner

12 x 1 litre. A green viscous liquid with fresh pine odour. Powerful cleaner and descaler for toilets, urinals, sinks, drains. Safe on stainless steel and ceramic ware. Removes limescale build up. Destroys organic matter. Reodourises and freshens. Kills Bacteria, Thixotropiic for longer lasting action. Clings to surfaces.


SDL858 Contract Pine Disinfectant

2 x 5 litre. A green disinfectant liquid with a pine odour. Broad spectrum bactericide, germicide and fungicide.


SDL889 Brass & Copper Polish

12 x 500ml. Buff coloured liquid emulsion polish with ammoniacidal odour. Metal polish for brass, copper, pewter, zinc etc. Rapidly removes tarnish and stains.


SDL902 Hard surface Cleaner

Fluorescent yellow liquid with a fresh odour, cuts through grease and grime. Caustic free, safe on most surfaces, vinyl floors, paintwork, work surfaces.


SDL911 Bleach

7.5%. 2 x 5 litre. Water white liquid, hypochloride odour 7% active ingredients. Disinfects, kills all known germs, sanitises all types of surfaces. Removes tannin stains from all crockery.


SDL919 Aerosol Furniture & Glass Polish

12 x 400ml. A CFC free aerosol spray polish. Opaque liquid with a characteristic polish odour. Low wax aerosol contains silicone to produce a high gloss. Cleans polishes in one operation will clean and polish all woods, plastics and glass.


SDL935 Floor Maintainer

4 x 5 litre. A neutral pink emulsion liquid used to clean and maintain all types of polished floor surfaces, it has a slight floral odour. Extends and revitalises the polish.


SDL936 Floor Sealer

4 x 5 litre. A milky sweet liquid, an acrylic emulsion seal containing a special type of polymer to penetrate into the work surface like prima or undercoat seal. Contains acrylic polymers and will provide a solid foundation for old and badly worn floors. Suitable for a wide variety of floors.


SDL937 Polish Stripper

4 x 5 litre. A clear red liquid for use in stripping down to original surface, wax and metalised polishes of all descriptions. Easy to use ammonia free, fast acting and will not damage the original floor surface.


SDL945 Pine Gel

4 x 5 litre. A brown gel with a strong pine odour. A multi purpose bacteriostatic cleaner for floors and walls. Cleans, deoderises and sanitises in one operation can be used on all hard surfaces.


SDL960 Squeezy Cream Cleaner

12 x 500ml. White co-polymer cream cleaner containing sodium carbonate and formaldehyde. A highly efficient cleaner with perfumed odour. For use on most hard surfaces, porcelain, Plastics, stainless steel bathroom fittings. Not suitable for soft plastics, aluminium or glass.


SDL974 Lemon Channel Blocks

1 x 36. Crystallised yellow cubes for scattering in urinals or troughs to eliminate odours. Refreshing lemon odour, slow dissolving gives long lasting action.


SDL997 Metalised 25% Solids Polish

4 x 5 litre. A creamy white mobile emulsion with a sweet odour. dries to a high gloss, slip resistant finish. Extremely durable high solids polish for use on vinyl, rubber, thermoplastic, asphalt, terrazzo, marked, sealed wood sealed cork and sealed concrete floors. Excellent results can be obtained using high speed burnishing techniques. Scuff resistant.


SDL1010 Neutral General Purpose Cleaner

A yellow coloured neutral detergent cleaner for gentle, efficient cleaning. Will not remove acrylic dry - bright polish finishes. Safe on all surfaces.


SDL1026 Air Freshner

12 x 400ml. A CFC free aerosol spray. A pleasant lemon fragrance which freshens and re-oderises rooms and furnishings.