Hand Towels

SDL40 Hand Towel

C-Fold 16 x 168 Sleeve 1 Ply White (23cm x 33cm). C - Fold hand towel to fit most hand towels dispensers. Absorbent packaged in small cases for easier storage.


SDL40A Hand Towel

2 Ply White Premium Airflight Hand Towels.  2430 per box.


SDL41 Hand Towel

C-Fold 20 x 150 Sleeve 1 Ply Green (23cm x 33cm). A Heavy duty C Fold hand towel designed to fit most hand towel dispensers. Thicker and stronger than the standard C-Fold hand towel.  2944 per box.

SDL42 Hand Towel

C-Fold 20 x 150 Sleeve 1 Ply Blue (23cm x 33cm). A large interleaved hand towel for use where wastage is a problem. Ideal for schools, colleges and factories etc.  3600 per box.


SDL78 Facial Tissues

2 Ply Facial Tissues - Box of 36 Packs.